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Saturday, 30 May 2015 – 10:00am1:30pm

We have a group setting off from Victoria Park in Low Moor in Bradford at 10am which will also include representatives of Bradford City of Sanctuary. They will follow the Spen Valley Greenway to Ravensthorpe. The Huddersfield team will depart from Huddersfield train station at 10am and join the Calder Valley Greenway. Both teams will converge on Holroyd Park in Ravensthorpe and refreshments will be offered by friends of Huddersfield Town of Sanctuary at the nearby Greenwood Centre.

Although it is a sponsored walk to raise money for our World Party in October, the focus this year will definitely be on attendance. We really want to raise the profile of our cause and would like to see as many faces as possible, whether sponsored or not!! Even if this means just being at the starting points for the photos!!

This is a leisurely stroll through some picturesque Yorkshire countryside, everyone is welcome, please come and join us.