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Sanctuary Kirklees is part of the national City of Sanctuary movement aiming to build a culture of hospitality for people seeking sanctuary in the UK.
Our goal is to create a network of groups and organisations throughout Kirklees which are proud to be places of safety for people seeking sanctuary and helping them integrate into their local communities.

Sanctuary Kirklees helps create a welcome for people whose lives are in danger in their own countries.

It is a place where:

  • the skills and cultures of people seeking sanctuary are valued, where they are included in local communities and able to contribute to the life of the city.
  • community groups, local government, media, business, schools and colleges have a shared commitment to offering sanctuary, so that it is seen as part of the city’s identity by local people.
  • people seeking sanctuary can easily build relationships with local people as neighbours, friends and colleagues.

Through these relationships, local people can come to understand the injustices refugees face, and become motivated to support and defend them.

Kirklees has a long tradition of giving a warm welcome to people from many nationalities and backgrounds. Over recent years the town has offered a home to people who have lost their homes and families and we wish to celebrate the welcoming attitudes of Kirklees people and organisations.

Our aim is to encourage the creation of a network of towns and villages throughout Kirklees which are proud to be places of safety, and which include people seeking sanctuary fully in the life of their communities.

How you can help

Are you part of a group or organisation who would support City of Sanctuary by signing the resolution of support? City of Sanctuary support can include community centres, charities, social clubs, schools, local services and businesses, as well as refugee organizations and volunteers. Supporting organisations promise to welcome and include people seeking sanctuary in their activities.

There are many ways to include sanctuary seekers in your activities and you can find plenty of action ideas in the resources pages above.

Sanctuary Kirklees is very grateful for financial support from Kirklees Council, Arts Council England and many individual donations.

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