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The first step in your support for Huddersfield Town of Sanctuary is to pass a resolution of support and to send it to the Town of Sanctuary Group.

We have attached a copy of the Resolution of Support below. It will be very helpful to us if you agree that we can include your organisation as part of a list of people who have pledged support. You can download a Word version of the Resolution by clicking on the attachment at the bottom of this page.

Resolution of Support

_____________________________(name of organisation) recognises the contribution of sanctuary-seekers and refugees to Huddersfield, and is committed to welcoming and including them in our activities. We support Huddersfield being a recognised ‘Town of Sanctuary’ for refugees and sanctuary-seekers. The specific action which our organisation will take to make our activities more inclusive for people seeking sanctuary is…


Signed ______________________________

Please print name here ______________________________

Position within organisation ____________________________
(This should be a committee member or equivalent)

Date ______________________________________

Email ______________________________________

Phone ______________________________

Website ______________________________

Organisation address _______________________________________________________________________

Please sign and return to: Huddersfield Town of Sanctuary, c/o Quaker Meeting House, Church Street, Paddock, Huddersfield HD1 4TR.

Huddersfield is the first town in the UK to become part of City of Sanctuary – a national movement to build a culture of hospitality for people seeking sanctuary in the UK. Its goal is to create a network of towns and cities throughout the UK which are proud to be places of safety, and which include people seeking sanctuary fully in the life of their communities.


File Attachment Size
Huddersfield Town of Sanctuary Resolution of Support .doc 113 KB