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Refugee Week 2020: Imagine
Ryad and Kim visited a small group of pupils in their school garden at Wellhouse School this morning as part of the Carry My Story project.
The children asked Ryad about his life in Syria, the impact of the conflict and questions about The Buzz Project and his knowledge of bees.
Ryad and Kim were the very first visitors to the school since Lockdown. Everyone enjoyed a taste of local honey and homemade honey cakes. Matthew Bradbury, Assistant Head at Wellhouse shared examples of the childrens work for Refugee Week and Carry My Story.
Thomas, a year 6 pupil, said “I think I will tell my mum about Ryad, and she is likely to share it with people at work, ¬†and so more ¬†people will know about his amazing story.”

Carry My Story is a schools linking project in Kirklees. Some of the participating schools are working towards becoming Schools of Sanctuary.